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We are happy to welcome you again at the Domaine and offer you to taste our olive oil vintages AOP Nice 2019-2020, to come and see our helichryses blossoming and to try our cosmetic by-products (Italian helichrysum essential oil, Italian helichrysum floral water, macerates, ceramics and soap).

We can also cater for small groups in oleology workshops or visits by appointment and also for events you wish to organise here at the Domaine.

We are also happy to be chosen by the Figaro Magazine for our bed and breakfast activity and are ready to welcome you all year round.

Excitment for the team. Thanks to Monique, Philippe, Petra , Anton an Emma!

And to  : Eva, Stefan , Mario, Kjell , Olge, Jean, Bruno, Cécile, Carl-Johan,  Pierre, Alain et Marie-Pierre!!




We have seen early blossom of these so called ”curry flowers” and happily seeing these newly planted ones doing great.

With the outstanding job achieved by Dr N Martinet we developed a new set of products such as cold cream for women and men. More are in the pipe and we will keep you updated on these developments shortly.

Inauguration du domaine le 9 Septembre 2019 en présence du Maire de Grasse Mr Jérôme Viaud et du consul de Suède Mr Johan Wretman. L'événement a été organisé par l'Office du Tourisme Pays de Grasse et Mr Pascal Brochiero et son équipe. Les partenaires présents ont pu écouter Jean-Marie et Marianne présenter leurs idées et l'orientation que le Domaine suit. Production d'olives AOP de Nice, production de produits de soin du visage et du corps á base de hélichryses produites au Domaine et l'activité de réception et de chambre d'hôtes ainsi que les prestations autour du wellness.

Mr le Maire a rappelé l'importance des acteurs locaux pour la promotion et le soutien de l'équipe municipale aux orientations que le Domaine souhaite pérenniser et développer. Mr le consul a souhaité également apporter son soutien et relayer à la communauté suédoise les prestations qu'offre le Domaine


Inauguration of the Olive grove on September 9, 2019 in the presence of the Mayor of Grasse Mr. Jérôme Viaud and the Swedish Consul Mr. Johan Wretman. The event was organized by the Pays de Grasse Tourist Office and Mr Pascal Brochiero and his team. The partners present were able to listen to Jean-Marie and Marianne present their ideas and the direction that the Domaine follows. Production of olives AOP of Nice, production of face and body care products based on helichryses produced at the Domaine and the activity of reception and guest room as well as the services around the wellness.

The Mayor recalled the importance of the local actors for the promotion and the support of the municipal team to the orientations that the Domaine wishes to perpetuate and develop. The Consul also wished to bring his support and relay to the Swedish community the services offered by the Domaine.


As always with nature, patience is a virtue and we did have a mild winter that enabled an early start of spring life here at La Royrie. We managed to get the restanques looking good and to clean our “helichrysum italicum” flowers from bad grass and provide care with the newly planted part.