La Royrie olive grove, come and visit us !

La Royrie, an authentic olive grove built in the fifteenth century in Grasse, that can be visited, where you can learn about the tasting of olive oils, discover the culinary creativity, amidst the olive trees , all run by Monique and Lionel Brault, owners of the estate. You can also buy our organic olive oils directly in the farm, with the explanations of the owners.

The guided tour: La Royrie, a walk in a 500 year old olive grove
  • Duration 1:15
  • In French or English
  • Price : 10 € / pax


  • The grove with its multi-century-old olive trees
  • The authentic “mazets”, peasants houses of the eighteenth century
  • The museum of rural life
  • The medieval garden
  • The herbularium
  • The collection of salvias
  • The medicinal garden
  • The insect place,
  • And ... tasting of olive oils and gourmet products from the garden
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